Игра Quartet+


Quartet+ — is a legendary game for orienteering sportsmen. The game teaches to recognize the notation of sport maps and trains your memory. Quartet+ can be interesting for children as well as for adults. Children get an utterly fascinating process of perceiving the notation of orienteering maps and adults can examine themselves for this knowledge. You can play it at home, competition and training camps or while travelling on bus, train, car, ferry or even airplane.

The goal of game: to collect a maximum number of quartets consisting of four same type cards

Number of players: 2 and more till 18

The age of players: 6+

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The rules of game: Before starting the game it is necessary to shuffle the cards thoroughly. The lead can be given for example to the oldest or youngest player or you can draw lots to decide who starts the game. The consequent games are started by the winner and the looser deals the cards. Each player gets 8 cards at the beginning of the game. In case there are more than 9 players – each one gets 4 cards. Four cards of the same type compose a quartet. There are 18 quartets consisting of 72 cards in the game. After dealing the remaining cards should be stored with the front side facing down. Before starting the game players have to agree upon the level of complexity of the game. Complicated level means that players should guess the exact title of notation sign – the same as they are indicated in the card. Medium level means that players should guess the titles of notation signs with the nearest neighbor concepts. Easy level (good for children and beginners) means that players guess the notation signs by the digits representing these signs in the cards. Each player plays in turn.  

The turn goes to the next player in a clockwise direction. An active player whose turn to play is now chooses another player whom he wants to ask about a desired card. At first an active player asks: “Do you have a quartet – Course marking” (the name of quartet is indicated at the top of each card in the yellow field and the name of  a card is written in words, for example: Control point). If an asked player has got a card from the needed quartet then he answers: “Yes I’ve got, what card from a quartet do you need”? In this case an active player looks at the cards from this quartet that he has got and says the name of a desired card. For example an active player got two cards from quartet “Course marking” containing written titles “start” and “control point”. So an active player asks about one of two other desired cards: “finish” or “forbidden area”. In case an active player guesses the card title from the first try the asked if an active player gives him this card and an active player can ask for another card any other player and so on. If an active player doesn’t guess or says incorrect interpretation of notation sign – the turn goes to the next player in clockwise direction. After playing a turn the player who has given his card(s) to active player takes missing cards from the pack so that he has 8 cards again. A player shows collected quartets consisting of four cards to the other players for checking and puts them aside with the front side down. A player who collects more quartets then the others at a time when there are no cards at the pack and no one has got cards is proclaimed a winner.